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Lip Augmentation - New Mini Lip Plump

Lip augmentation can improve your appearance. The lips are in the center of your face so they are the first thing others might notice. We augment lips in our medical spa which includes plumping, shaping and contouring.

Clients wanting lip augmentation with lip filler can mix and match face filler and lip filler syringes. That means its easier to purchase multiple syringes because you have more areas of the face to treat. This is an easy choice to more shapely and beautiful lips along with correcting wrinkles on other areas of the face. Since we now don't require purchasing multiple syringes, clients can economically get a new lip look without the high cost.

We only use the best quality hyaluronic acid based lip fillers for lip augmentation. If your price shopping be assured we use the highest quality dermal fillers. We also have the best lip augmentation prices in the GTA. So book an appointment and free consultation online.

We have recently introduced our mini lip plump syringe for $295. It is a bit smaller than our full 1 ml syringes, but a great start to seeing some results. The smaller syringe is also good for touch up visits. We look forward to seeing you soon at our clinics.





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