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Neurotoxin Treatment

Botox® Xeomin® Dysport®

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Neurotoxin is more commonly known as botox® or botulinum toxin. Injecting it into face muscles relaxes facial muscles that cause facial contractions from everyday human expressions. Timely injections every 90 to 120 days will stop wrinkles from forming and keep existing facial lines from getting worse.

Shows Botox® Injection Results Before And After Procedure

Neurotoxin Basics

Neurotoxin, whether it be the botox®, xeomin® or dysport® brand, has proven very effective. These botulinum toxin compunds relax the facial muscles. They temporarily stop repetitive facial muscle movements that cause facial lines.

There are two categories of face depressions. Static wrinkles are caused by age related collagen loss. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial muscle contractions. This is where neurotoxin, also known as wrinkle relaxer, is the solution.

Once injected into the face, forehead, and eye area muscles, repetitive muscle contractions from normal everyday facial expressions stop. New wrinkles stop forming. Existing wrinkles stop getting worse.

Forehead, frown lines and crow's feet are from dynamic expressions. Our facial expressions cause all three. Frown lines are between the eyebrows. You may have heard the term "number 11's". The medical community calls these glabellar lines. The 11's are caused by continuous repetitive muscle movement. Forehead creases and crow's feet are treated too.

We recommend starting a therapy of consistent wrinkle relaxer injections early in life. We also recommend keeping your facial skin hydrated with a consistent daily routine of face creams and face serums between treatments.

Be Consistent With Treatment

Smiling, laughing, frowning and other expressions all contribute to muscles contracting. These repeating human expressions create facial creases over time. This contributes to facial features looking older and the skin seeming less elastic.

We have 14 years of experience with wrinkle relaxer and many happy clients. Read our patient reviews, we think you will like them.

Wrinkle relaxers work by blocking specific nerves in the face that are in control of muscle movement. When injected, the muscles become slightly weakened. The result is less distinct creases as well as the prevention of new ones. The injections also keep existing lines from deepening.

Facial relaxer is sometimes referred to as neurotoxin or toxin. This has caused misconceptions among some patients about toxin drugs. They are not toxic and nerves in the face cannot be damaged. Toxin doses are so minuscule that the drug cannot be traced in the bloodstream after treatment. We make sure we deliver safe and effective treatments for our patients.

Shows Forehead Prior To Botox Treatment

Wrinkle Relaxer - Quick Summary

The presence of fine lines on the face can be disheartening. It is usually a sure sign of the skin aging process taking hold on us. There is not much we can do to keep ourselves from getting older. Thankfully, there are methods available that help prevent and slow skin aging.

Neurotoxin, whether it be the botox®, xeomin® or dysport® brand, has proven very effective. These botulinum toxin compunds relax the facial muscles. They temporarily stop repetitive facial muscle movements that cause face depressions.

It differs for each individual, so we recommend booking every 90 to 120 days to make sure lines stay relaxed. This will ensure a more youthful appearance. As a top-rated nonsurgical med spa provider in the area, we help our patients stay looking refreshed and vibrant.

How Many Units Are Needed

We inject wrinkle relaxer in measured units from a tiny syringe for precise placement. The exact number of units required varies for each client. The quantity needed depends on facial muscle genetics and how large and strong your face muscles are. Environment and lifestyle are factors as well. The average client needs therapy every 90 to 120 days.

How Much Experience Does A Clinic Have

After thousands of relaxer and other cosmetic treatments over the last two decades, there is nothing more important for great results than experience. Look for an experienced clinic like ours that spends a large portion of their work time providing these types of injections.

There is a very clear positive correlation between a high level of experience and results. Since experience is the best indicator of the expected result, this is the key to finding a good provider.

Free Consultation Before Therapy

Wrinkle relaxer for facial lines is needed every 90 to 120 days so new depressions don't develop and existing furrows don't get worse. Our special offers make it affordable. Book the procedure which includes a FREE consultation to discuss your frown lines, crow's feet and other mouth and facial creases.


As with most medical procedures there are some important instructions to follow.

Blood thinners should be avoided prior to therapy. This includes: vitamin E, aspirin, advil, anti-inflammatories, alcohol, omega-3, ginko, St. John’s Wort.

Don’t use topical products such as retinol, Retin-A, retinoids, and glycolic acid for at least two days before the procedure.


Avoid extreme heat temperatures for 24-48 hours post procedure.(i.e. Jacuzzi, hot showers, extreme sun).

Do not touch areas of injection, do not lie down, lean forward, do not exercise for at least 4 hours after.

Practice frowning, raising your eyebrows, and squinting 20 times in each area to work the relaxer into the muscle.

Wait 2 weeks for full results and book a follow-up if a touch-up is needed.

Bruising is rare with relaxer injections but it can happen.





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