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We offer a full cosmetic treatments menu starting with a same-day no obligation free consultation prior to every procedure. We get you on the right path to looking 10 years younger without plastic surgery. Our cosmetic treatments can be easily scheduled online. Click our "BOOK NOW" button.

Spa Luxe Med Spa Performing A Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment Services

Procedures at our conveniently located cosmetic clinic include lip fillers, dermal fillers, cellulite injections under the chin for cellulite reduction and more. Other procedures include multiple syringe nonsurgical mini face lifts and facial wrinkle relaxer (aka botox®) to relax repetitive muscle contractions that cause wrinkles.

Threads add voulme and build collagen in sagging face areas that occurs with age.

Facial fillers produce instant results by replacing deplrtrd collagen and restore your face to a younger you.

We deliver the highest quality medical-grade cosmetic treatment services available. We also have the best prices in the GTA.

We have low everyday prices and great promotions too. We work closely with our clients in reaching their individual goals.

Book any cosmetic treatment which always includes a free consultation with no obligation.





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