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Thread Lift Treatment

Skin Tightening For Face And Neck

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Thread lift is is a skin tightening treatment using dissolving sutures, or absorbable sutures, or threads. We insert threads in the face and neck for immediate lift of stubborn wrinkles and lines. They also accelerate collagen production in the targeted area. The patient gets instant lift and more collagen over time. 

Threads Dissolve Naturally

Most of us are familiar with dissolving sutures under the skin to close up wounds after surgery. These sutures dissolve naturally within the body. Dissolving sutures or threads, are Health Canada approved. 

They are generally fully dissolved 9 months following your treatment. They continue to stimulate collagen production as they dissolve. Collagen is what we need more of as we age and a thread lift is good at creating collagen for younger looking skin.

Shows Patients Can Achieve A Younger Appearance With A Nonsurgical Thread Lift
Fox Eye Lift Results Show A Significant Brow Lift For This Female Patient

Fox Eye Lift or Brow Lift

There is one cosmetic trend you might not yet be familiar with. A look described as fox eyes or designer eyes. It is gaining popularity. Thanks to the likes of famous supermodels, almond-shaped and upturned eye corners are all the rage.

A fox eye lift is a medical procedure that physically changes the shape of your skin around the eye. It differs from the appearance of a cat-eye look that can be produced with makeup. The procedure is intended to mimic the appearance of fox eyes, hence the name.

It is a very popular beauty trend that has recently exploded. The fox eye lift first became popular in Europe. Hollywood celebrities added to the rage and it is has now spread worldwide. 

The fox eye cosmetic treatment is simply a thread lift using naturally dissolving threads. The brow and outer corners of the eyes are lifted up and stretched back toward the temples with the threads. This elongates the eyes horizontally and upward. Most say this looks flattering for women.

No one can guarantee how long the treatment will last. All patients have different genetics, metabolisms and lifestyles.

Get Ready For A Thread Lift

As we age, our skin naturally loses its firmness due to decreasing collagen and elastin production. Because of this, fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds begin to form. Today, living in a world obsessed with beauty, it can be easy to look in the mirror and wish your face was a bit more lifted. This is especially true now in the age of Instagram and TikTok.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with aging, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to do something about it. That is precisely why cosmetic therapies like thread lifts are on the rise. It is simply a non-surgical facelift. Unlike relaxers and fillers, thread lifts are not discussed in the news as much.

Sometimes referred to as pdo threads, lifting threads or a thread facelift, they are non-surgical that utilizes absorbable stutures to lift and tighten skin. The procedure is minimally invasive with bi-directional barbs that can lift face and neck skin. They can also lift the brow to create the fox eye lift.

The therapy provides an immediate lift, as well as a regenerating collagen as they dissolve. It's progressive and natural. A huge part of the patient appeal is that the outcome is immediate, with results getting better over time. We have found that our patients are highly satisfied with the results.

Given we literally insert sutures through the skin, you might assume that it is incredibly painful. However, we insert sutures using local anesthetic, so patients typically don’t feel much at all. You will just feel the numbing medication being injected which is done with tiny needle. This is similar to any procedure which uses local anesthetic.

You might conclude after reading this page that thread lifts replace dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers. That is not true. Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers are still needed to add immediate volume where needed. Facial wrinkle relaxers are still needed to prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming on your face.

Think of it like this. The procedure is one more option for our skilled practitioners to correct aging skin issues. For our clients, looking younger is more possible than ever with thread lifts.

Together, fillers and threads can create a very natural and long-lasting lift without the need for surgery, and creates a bigger transformation than you would normally see with radiofrequency like Morpheus8 or Thermage.

During your free consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses, we will create a individual plan with you, to ensure we’re treating exactly what you need in order to look naturally youthful, in a way that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Pre-Visit Instructions

Stop blood thinners to 5 days prior to appointment. This includes: vitamin E, aspirin, advil, anti-inflammatories, alcohol, omega-3, ginko, St.John’s Wort.

We suggest taking Arnica tablets 3 days prior to injections to prevent bruising.

Eat a small meal or snack before your appointment.

Schedule your appointment at least 2 to 4 weeks prior to a special event. Recovery time is positively correlated with the number of insertions.

Post-Visit Instructions

Use cold compresses or ice packs to reduce swelling for a few minutes 4-5 times during the day for the first week.

No heavy exercise or strenuous activity for 1 to 2 weeks.

Take Tylenol every 4-6 hours for any discomfort.

Avoid applying makeup for 48 hours.

Apply polysporin or over-the-counter antibiotic cream to entry points.

Keep head elevated with pillow when sleeping for 3 nights to reduce swelling and sleep on your back.

Avoid any dental work for 2 weeks.Use arnica gel or tablets to help with bruising.

We suggest avoiding exaggerated facial expressions after procedure to avoid discomfort.





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