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Neuromodulators - What You Need To Know

Neuromodulator products (facial wrinkle relaxers, dysport® or botox®) are not equal. It's good to know what products are best for relaxing face wrinkles. What is best for forehead wrinkles and frown lines, also called number 11's? What do you use around the eyes (crow's feet)? What about other areas of the face? This article will help you know what to choose.

Neuromodulators Are Not Equal

Neuromodulators, also known as neurotoxins or wrinkle relaxers, have been around for more than two decades. The base chemical compound has been used by several drug companies. They created different neuromodulator brands with it. Over the last two decades many improvements came to the market. You should be aware these relaxers are not all equal.
Improvements came just like many original drug products. Scientists have continued to re-invent facial wrinkle relaxers. They have brought higher quality products to market. Merz Pharma markets the highest quality neuromodulator today. Why is their relaxer the best? The answer is they have developed a process that purifies the product. This is quite important. The process eliminates a potential immune response. Immune response is a formed resistance by your body to a specific drug.

Will Your Relaxer Stop Working

A recent article from the California Skin Institute says this. The 3 wrinkle relaxers on the market today are quite different. They all have different compositions and production processes. Only Merz Pharma created a new generation neuromodulator. They created a superior purified product that is more effective. It is also effective for repeated treatments over time.

In simple terms, our relaxer will not stop working for you. You will not need to buy more units over time to get the same result. Read the entire article at the California Skin Institute.

Why Use Our Neuromodulator

This is why we use only one wrinkle relaxer. We use the most effective and safest available. We have researched and tested neuromodulators. We inject the best available product for our clients. We do it at the best price too. We feel it is important for a medical spa to provide value. Value is being an expert in aesthetic treatments. We know what to use for relaxing facial wrinkles. 

Our skilled nurses also know facial anatomy. They know where to inject the units for best results. You will need less units with us because our licensed nurse injectors are certified and well trained.

Best Price - Watch For Ad Tricks

We have no limits on purchased units at our everyday low price. Many clinics advertise the first 20 units for a low price. Then they raise the price on the additional units. We call that an ad gimmick. The client pays more for the treatment in the end. We match other clinic's promotion prices. You won't pay more with us.

Consistent Treatments A Must

Consistent injections are important for best results. Patients should receive injections every 90 days. It is actually quite important, especially for your face. We ask our clients to come in every 90 days for re-treatment to keep those wrinkles relaxed.

What happens when you don't keep regular appointments? You allow the wrinkles to come back. Facial lines begin to deepen. It becomes more difficult to relax the wrinkles. It also increases the number units required to keep you wrinkle free.

Do yourself and your face a favor, book your next appointment when you leave our clinic. This will keep your treatment timing correct.





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