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Wrinkle Injection - Skill Is Needed

Wrinkle injection requires a skilled and experienced injector. With more than 25 years experience, we have seen many clients that were unhappy with previous treatment at other clinics. We have heard many questions and comments about cosmetic injections from clients. Some clients are focused on the price per injected unit or the price of a syringe. The focus of any patient should be on the skill of the nurse injector.

Unfortunately there has not been enough patient education on this topic. It is important for patients to be aware of this important fact. The price per neurotoxin unit for wrinkle injection or the price per syringe of dermal fillers should not be the priority. Whether it is our clinic or another, find out the experience level of the med spa.

Price is an important factor to most of us. We have offered the lowest price for treatements for many years. We have never sacrificed quality of product or services. This is not always true at other clinics. It is our hope that clients feel at ease knowing that they can get both at Spa Luxe. We offer facial filler and lip filler injections as well as other cosmetic treatments.

We have always offered consistently low prices and delivered high quality services. This allows our patients to focus on the skill of delivery by our aesthetic nurses. This is a more important metric to evaluate. Our skilled injectors minimize facial wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance.

As a nurse instructor, I have always trained nurses in special techniques that delivered advanced results for our clients. We make sure that our licensed cosmetic nurses have the artistic eye and the vision necessary to deliver optimal results. We also make sure our nurses receive continued education in the latest, most advanced injection techniques.

The expertise of the nurse injector is a much more important variable than the price of a unit or syringe when it comes to replacing collagen volume loss and restoring a youthful look. In the end, clients who come to Spa Luxe Med Spa get more for their money.





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